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Due to the ongoing restrictions as a result of the Corona Virus Outbreak, our ongoing work in Care Homes throughout Northern Ireland has been halted for understandable reasons.

We remain committed however, to bringing quality Musical Care Entertainment to our growing list of Care Home Clients and to that end we are currently in the process of providing out-door entertainment (weather permitting) for Care Homes that are able to accommodate this.


We're raising money to provide Musical Memory Entertainment for our Elderly in Care and Residents with Dementia in Care Homes throughout Northern Ireland. 


We've launched a fundraising campaign to raise enough money for us to visit more and more Care Homes in Northern Ireland.

Will you partner with us?

Just click for more details of our Gofundme Fundraising Campaign


We're proud to announce that Rushmere Shopping Centre, Craigavon were our very first official Corporate Partners for our Music with Meaning Project which brings Live Musical Entertainment into Care Homes in the Lurgan, Craigavon and Portadown area. 

Between September and December 2019, Rushmere Shopping Centre partnered with us to provide free live music for 10 homes in the Craigavon area. Rushmere Shopping Centre are very much at the heart of the local community and continue to prove how integral they are with their kind offer to fully fund these visits to the the Care and Nursing Homes situated in their local area. This makes a huge difference not only to the residents of the homes but also to the hard working staff who work so hard to provide constant care for all the residents. 

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