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Your Regular Support Will Help Us Keep Providing More Stimulating Musical Memory Entertainment With Those Living In Care Throughout Northern Ireland


A One Off Donation Or Regular Monthly Donation, No Matter How Small Makes Will Make A Huge Difference For Us, Helping Us To Cover Things Like Ongoing Travel Costs So We Can Continue, With Your Help, To Share Joy Through Music.

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MUSIC with Meaning


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We believe in the power of Music to help people and as part of our on-going work we want to be able to provide quality and meaningful entertainment for residents of care homes and disability living environments around Northern Ireland.

Towards the end of 2018 we were invited to visit a care home specialising in care for people with Dementia. When we arrived to set up we were invited into a little room full of residents who simply sat staring into space.


"That's When the Magic Happened"


Initially we couldn't help wondering how we were going to cope with playing songs for such a potentially unresponsive audience, but we set our gear up and began to play...and that's when the magic happened. Smiles spread across empty faces. Eyes came alive and feet began to move, and very quickly the vacant floor in front of us was filled with carers helping these sweet people dance. It truly was one of the most lovely experiences we have ever had in our years of providing music for people.

The clear benefits of providing music for those in care is obvious. 

When we left we both looked at each other and immediately agreed that if making music and playing songs helped people in these environments, then we needed to play our part and help out as best we could.


Care and Nursing home Activity Coordinators can have limited financial resources available to them for things like Music Entertainment, and so any help we receive allows us to keep providing the important Musical Entertainment that can stimulate movement and memories of those living in care

without putting extra pressure on their already limited resources.

By partnering with Candimoon you'll be working with us to bring a little bit of brightness and pleasure to many of the elderly and those living in assisted care in our communities.

If you are an event coordinator for a Care Home or Assisted Living Environment, Fold or Day Centre in Northern Ireland, then please click the link below to find out more information on booking Candimoon,

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Musical Memory Entertainment

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